Product Ranges

Dolce Vita Skin selects only the finest ranges of cosmeceuticals and related products.

Every product has been road tested by Vita and the team to make sure only the highest quality and effective ranges are offered. This ensures the in-clinic treatments are supported by at-home care that is second to none.


Luminous skin for life.

RATIONALE is Australia’s leading prestige skincare brand delivering our trademark luminosity that is instantly recognised and desired.

In 25 years RATIONALE has transformed the skin and beauty landscape of Australia, delivering luminous skin for life through luxurious, results driven Essential Six formulas that deliver on their promises.

The cornerstone of RATIONALE is their Research and Development led by Founder and Director of Research and Development, Richard Parker. As the world leaders in restoring and protecting skin radiance by preventing and repairing solar damage, the Essential Six system works in perfect harmony with the skin to achieve optimal skin health and radiance through their skin identical formulas.

RATIONALE is the perfect conduit between modern beauty and medicine; transcending traditional beauty propositions.

RATIONALE is the platinum standard in delivering luminous skin for life.

The Beauty Chef

Beauty begins in the belly

Derived by nature and supported by science, The Beauty Chef’s living skincare range provides a powerful combination of Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts that focus on gut health for outer beauty, and organic topical skincare products that hydrate, nourish and repair your skin’s natural flora from the outside.

The Beauty Chef’s Certified Organic and natural Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts deliver bio-active food-based nutrient-rich, prebiotics and probiotics for good gut health and skin radiance.

The outer skincare range contains fermented, probiotic extracts which actively nurture the beneficial bacteria on your skin’s surface. The scientifically-formulated blends of pre and probiotics help heal, protect and balance the skin’s acid mantle and ecosystem.

The formulas are literally alive with powerful, bio-active ingredients that are good for your body, skin and belly… because that is where beauty begins.

Biologique Recherche

40 Years of Passion

The combination of a clinical approach to personalized cosmetic treatment, pure, concentrated, almost raw products, complex formulas and original and rigorous treatments is the foundation of the reputation for efficacy of Biologique Recherche‘s Methodology.

Biologique Recherche’s products all respond to specific criteria:

  • A very high formulation complexity and concentration level in plant, biomarine or biological extracts, exceeding 20% on average
  • Absence of synthetic fragrances to preserve the integrity of the formulas and try to avoid sensitization phenomena
  • Cold manufacturing processes whenever possible to respect the original structure of the active ingredients
  • High-quality active ingredients to justify its value

Synergy between our products, combined with the specific and original gestures and the Remodeling Face© contribute to the success of our exceptional personalized treatments.

Jane Iredale

The Jane Iredale Difference

The team at Jane Iredale believes the most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That the reason every one of their products not only enhances your beauty, but is also a true extension of skin care.

Their mineral foundations will make your life simpler too because they provide four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits. If you’re an ingredient label reader, you’ll notice that they keep formulas as natural as possible while making sure that they perform at the highest level.

The entire range has been through tests to confirm our products are non-irritating and don’t block pores. You can use jane iredale with confidence, even if you have the most sensitive skin.

Aspect Dr

Clinically Brilliant

Aspect Dr™ is an Australian owned skincare company that formulates clinical skincare products and peels tailored to support the skin and address all skin conditions and concerns.

Aspect Dr™ is a new direction in active, clinical grade skincare, formulated to include gold standard ingredients with proven anti-ageing qualities but without trauma or downtime caused by the inclusion of irritant, toxic or harmful ingredients.
Simple Equation to Serious Skin Solutions

Why use 12 products when you can use 4? Serious skincare does not need to be diffcult or time consuming. Aspect Dr™ provides the results that physician’s expect through a simple, concise regimen. This is achieved through the use of active multi- ingredient serums targeted towards skin care concerns with a goal to normalise and address the cause of the concern, not just cover the outward symptoms. Whether addressing a slight imperfection, sun damage, redness, or fine lines, Aspect Dr™ restores a youthful, glowing complexion with a concise line of product and peels sold exclusively through medical professionals.


Cosmetic Elite

COSMEDIX Elite products feature higher-level active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy without a prescription.

COSMEDIX is focused on crafting the most effective, gentle products that work to transform your skin. We believe that what you put in products is just as important as what you leave out, so you’ll never find parabens, artificial dyes and fragrances, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide in our formulas. Instead, we use only the purest plant-based ingredients and natural actives that help you get the results you want without downtime and discomfort. Founded by skincare professionals, COSMEDIX is a top choice for dermatologists, physicians and aestheticians worldwide.

The Science of Better Skin Care

COSMEDIX builds a healthy synergy with the skin. Why apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin if a soothing, effective, naturally-derived solution is readily available? Prolonged healing and discomfort shouldn’t be the cost you pay for beautiful skin.

Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Efficient cosmetic lightening method for skin blemishes caused by melanin.

Cosmelan aims to reduce and eliminate skin blemishes of melanic origin.

The Cosmelan pack provides an effective combination of professional treatment and home maintenance cream.

Dermamelan Professional Treatment

Efficient skin pigmentation treatment against skin blemishes caused by melanin. Medical Use Only.

Dermamelan aims to reduce and eliminate skin blemishes of melanic origin.

The Dermamelan pack provides an effective combination of professional treatment and home maintenance cream.


The Colorescience story

Originally crafted for vulnerable post-procedure skin, Colorescience® health-forward formulas have improved millions of lives by providing confidence and reassurance to women of all ages, skin types, and concerns.

Trusted, recommended, and personally used by thousands of physicians, their uncompromising products offer 365-day protection against UV rays and other environmental stressors.

Blendable and breathable, the range features custom-refined minerals and nutrient-rich ingredients—everything your skin needs to age well, nothing it doesn’t.

Colorescience® sets the standard for beautiful, healthy skin care. Immediate radiance, lasting results—that’s why Vita recommends it for you.


Science-Based Nutrition

Metagenics is a practitioner only supplement range containing high potency ingredients.

For over 30 years, Metagenics’ dedication to scientific discovery, unparalleled quality, and practitioner partnerships has positioned them as an industry leader in functional nutrition.

Back in 1983, they had a big idea: the right nutrition could help people realise their best health possible by positively influencing what makes them unique—their genes. They called it realizing “genetic potential” for good health. Today, it’s known as the science of nutrigenomics—the study of food as one of the most important environmental modifiers of gene expression in determining health and disease patterns. Through their substantial and ongoing commitment to nutrigenomic research, Metagenics has been able to identify natural compounds with powerful therapeutic applications, to be used in science-based therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC) programs, medical foods, and nutraceuticals.

Cocolux Australia

Cocolux Australia

Australian brand Cocolux (Coco ~ refers to Coconut and Lux ~ Latin for light) has shaken up the home fragrance market by putting eco considerations at the heart of its product design.

Inspired by nature, the brand’s luxury scented candles are made of earth-friendly coconut wax, at a time when the majority of candles still contain petroleum derived paraffin and unsustainably produced soy wax.

In addition, Cocolux candles come in pure copper, brass and onyx vessels which can be fully recycled or up-cycled once the wax has melted. Re-purposed as containers for flower arrangements, pens or beauty brush holders, they become chic home décor collectibles to mix and match.