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Winter 2021

Winter 2021


Here we go again! Another lockdown.

Dolce Vita Skin will remain open under current provisions from NSW Health for the sale of our skinand healthcare products only. This will include online shopping for all your product needs.Alternatively, you can also call the clinic on 02 4365 1173 for all orders. We will be providing free shipping on orders over $150.

For Biologique Recherche products, please phone the clinic on 02 4365 1173 or email For RATIONALE product, please use our doctors code 14205-RA10 which will provide free shipping via the RATIONALE website.

We are also offering contactless collection of products in clinic throughout this time.

Our team will be on hand to make sure you can get anything you need to keep up your currenttreatment plan. Dolce Vita skin will be open between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday at Shop 17, 30 Karalta Road, Erina.

Sadly, we won’t be able to go ahead with our scheduled treatments at this time including Dr Nik's services. Our team will be reaching out to everyone with appointments until Friday 9th of July to re-schedule. Alternatively, you will also be able to re-book your future appointment online at

Stay safe and look after each other.

Vita x
Beautiful skin at every age


Here at Dolce Vita Skin, we are committed to achieving ‘beautiful skin for life’ for each and everyindividual. Our clients enjoy healthy and glowing complexions because we tailor our approach to their unique needs, age, and skin types.

We believe beautiful, healthy skin is achievable for every age and that is why we’ve chosen to highlight the best practices for beautiful skin from our 20’s right through to our 50’s and beyond.

Our secrets to beautiful skin at every age include:

  • 20’s Lay the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful skin with the following key ingredients: sleep, hydration, nourishing food, high factor SPF and skincare containing hydraulic acid.
  • 30’s Hone in on skincare with antioxidants (think Vitamins A and C), eye serums, skin needling, corrective peels, and wrinkle relaxers.
  • 40’s Ramp up your commitment to beautiful skin by: constant hydration, using skincare products with retinol and Vitamin C, investing in a 3-stage Tribella treatment – our most popular treatment targeting three levels of the skin and a perfect fit for skin of this age. It’s also the perfect time tocomplete a consultation with Dr Nik, who can advise on the introduction of cosmetic anti-wrinkletreatments available.
  • 50’s and beyond Equip yourself with the necessary tools and techniques to ensure your skin is always in peak condition with Biologique Recherche Treatments - a class of their own tailoring to every skin type or creating a treatment plan and product use that is best suited to your skin usingSkin Instant Lab.

Throughout this period your skin goes through changes due to menopause and lack of hydration and can become more irritated with skin conditions like rosacea. I always suggest working on the ‘springs of a mattress’ to really plump up collagen production and restore balance with a home care regime, while also including treatments such as skin needling or MP2 Skin Tightening to name a few.

This is a true representation of the range of clients we treat and highlights how we tailor our treatments for individuals at every stage of life.

No matter what your age, you can achieve ‘beautiful skin for life'. Book an appointment at or contact the clinic on 02 4365 1173.

Skin Booster with Dr. Nik

Skin Booster WITH DR NIK

This amazing treatment works wonders for skin hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, volume restoration and will leave your skin tight and glowing.

Skin Booster is ideal in the winter months as winter skin is dry skin and you can allow more downtime indoors following treatments for your skin to completely heal. While standard treatments are usually for the full face or neck, partial or 1/3 facial treatments are also available.

Using a very silky dermal filler and the V2 injector gun (plus a secret cocktail from Dr Nik), for best results we recommend 3 treatments 3-4 weeks apart, every 9-12 months or more if you love it!

Book a Winter Skin Booster appointment with Dr Nik at or contact the clinic on 02 4365 1173.

Welcome, Chloe!

Welcome, Chloe!

As Kaitlin prepares for the arrival of her baby later this year, it is our pleasure to introduce the newest arrival to our Front of House team, Chloe.

Chloe will be training with Kaitlin and Tiarne over the coming months to fulfil Kaitlin’s role while she is on maternity leave. Her warm heart and kind personality have already made her an asset to the DVS team and we look forward to seeing her grow in her journey with us.

We wish Chloe a warm welcome and invite you to say hi on your next visit.

We also wish Kaitlin all the best for the safe and happy arrival of our first official Dolce Vita baby, due in October.



During May, June and July, our very own Dr Nik was invited to join other industry leaders to be a guest speaker at the ROAR Unleashed cosmetic industry events held in Melbourne, Sydney and on the Gold Coast.

ROAR Unleashed Sydney was held this weekend at Taronga Zoo, with Dr Nik a keynote speaker, presenting on NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatments, and educating other industry professionals about his pioneering techniques.

Let's talk about masking

Let's talk about masking

When the seasons change throughout the colder months, your skin barrier function can become impaired leaving your skin feeling sensitive, dry, itchy, and irritated.

Masking is a great addition to step up your skincare routine between your visits in clinic to restore and deliver hydration to dry, thirsty skin, while also helping to smooth out lines and wrinkles for a soft, subtle-looking complexion.




Achieve intensive nourishment and luminosity with a combination of B-Group vitamins, electrolytes and hydroscopic protein structures to reinforce vital skin barrier function, enhancing cell-to-cell communication and surface hydration.



Advanced hydrating actives reduce trans-epidermal water loss, protect your skin’s natural barrier and restore your hydro-lipidic film, key to building long-term moisture and resilience for dehydrated and stressed skin.



Strengthen your skin barrier and promote hydration thanks to a combination of ingredients specially formulated to suit your skin. Clinically proven to reactivate the skin's natural cell renewal process to promote cell regeneration and healing.



The colder weather brings with it shorter days and for many, a dip in energy levels and motivation. These cooler days lead us to crank up the temperature of water in the shower and heaters at home and in the office, which results in dehydration.

Gym memberships are put on hold and comfort food is prioritised. As serotonin levels drop with the longer hours of darkness, Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) often kicks in, bringing on cravings for comfort food, usually in the form of refined carbs.

Here are a few tips to help you keep feeling your best, and keep the winter weight gain at bay:

  • Choose healthy carbs from natural sources such as sweet potatoes, nuts, beetroot, carrots, pumpkin, and whole grains. Soups are great for this time of year.
  • Boost your Vitamin C and Zinc levels to stave off colds and the flu. Add in a variety of brightly colouredfruit and veggies such as broccoli, pumpkin, brussels sprouts, oranges, mandarins, pomegranates, andkale for a Vitamin C boost. Garlic, mushrooms, chickpeas, lentils, nuts, seeds, seafood, eggs, red meat, and poultry are foods that contain Zinc.
  • Rug up and get out into the fresh air. The sun’s rays boost the body’s ability to make Vitamin D, whichwe need for our immune health, to keep unhealthy cravings at bay, and for brain health. A Vitamin D supplement may be required during the winter months.
  • Keep hydration levels up. Hot showers, heated cars, heated homes, and office buildings all drawmoisture from the skin. It is common for skin to become dry and flaky. A good hydrating serum and rich, nourishing moisturiser helps here. Keep a bowl of water near the heater to create humidity in theroom. Add more water to your daily intake. Herbal teas and warmed-up elixirs are wonderful this time of year.

Winter is a great time of year when we are well prepared!

Book a Winter Wellness appointment with Clinic Nutritionist Chiza at or contact the clinic on 02 4365 1173.

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