The Beauty Chef

Beauty begins in the belly

Bio-fermented, wholefood nutrition with prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy gut and glowing skin.

Derived by nature and supported by science, The Beauty Chef’s living skincare range provides a powerful combination of Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts that focus on gut health for outer beauty, and organic topical skincare products that hydrate, nourish and repair your skin’s natural flora from the outside.

This range of superfood skincare supplements combines bio-fermented blends of fruits, vegetables, berries, roots, grasses, flowers, spices and algae for supernatural beauty. The unique Flora Culture fermentation process breaks down the ingredients in the formulas, making their nutrients more available for the skin and body to utilise, as well as creates natural prebiotics and probiotics to help balance your gut and skin microbiome for a healthy, glowing complexion.

While The Beauty Chef work closely with nature, its products are supported by science. It works with leading microbiologists, nutritionists and naturopaths to ensure its living skincare products are thoroughly researched and as active as possible.

The Beauty Chef  continues to work with leading microbiologists to deliver a bio-active food-based probiotic which they believe is essential for digestive health and skin radiance.

The Beauty Chef’s Certified Organic and natural Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts deliver bio-active food-based nutrient-rich, prebiotics and probiotics for good gut health and skin radiance.

Many of The Beauty Chef products have been clinically tested. In a clinical trial of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, 94 per cent of women reported the formula improved their skin luminosity, clarity, hydration and texture.

The outer skincare range contains fermented, probiotic extracts which actively nurture the beneficial bacteria on your skin’s surface. The scientifically-formulated blends of pre and probiotics help heal, protect and balance the skin’s acid mantle and ecosystem.

The Beauty Chef ‘s formulas are literally alive with powerful, bio-active ingredients that are good for your body, skin and belly… because that is where beauty begins.



The Beauty Chef