Dermamelan is the world's number one treatment for pigmentation. For use in medical clinics only.

Treatment time

60 minutes

Starting from


Best suited to

Selective Fitzpatrick types

How it Works

Dermamelan is a topical lightening and brightening treatment used to treat all types of pigmentation, from sun spots and freckles to stubborn hormonal melasma.

dermamelan® is the medical depigmenting method that efficiently and progressively eliminates spots by acting on the accumulation of pigment in the skin and on the root of the problem, providing a comprehensive and long-lasting outcome.

The treatment consists in a first session in consultation and a home treatment that lasts 4 months.

In consultation phase - Following a proper diagnosis, the treatment begins with a first session in the medical consultation. The professional applies two masks with an intensive depigmenting action.

At home phase - Continue the treatment following a home guideline. It consists in applying complementary cosmetic products for 4 months with a continuous depigmenting action and long-term regulation of pigment overproduction.

Perfect For

All skin types concerned with hyperpigmentation or hormonal melasma.

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