40 Years of Passion

Biologique Recherche fully respects the skin above all else. At the core of each product are formulations researched by a team of medical doctors, and created by biologist Yvan Allouche; authenticity and harmony is behind all Biologique Recherche products.

Abiding by the belief that the epidermis is central to skincare, it provides the ultimate barrier that affects every other component of your skin. To properly look after the epidermis, it requires customised products and treatments according to a precise schedule.

“Simply put, our skin can be compared to a house. If the roof is built badly and can’t guarantee protection against external elements and aggressions, everything inside becomes stressed and vulnerable.”

Dr Phillipe Allouche, Head of Creation, Research and Innovation 


Authenticity and harmony are the spirit and essence behind Biologique Recherche skin care products.

As skin is never idle in the course of our day or life and because no two individuals of similar skin exist, everyone possesses a different Skin Instant®. Biologique Recherche has made it their duty to understand the skin’s messages, and to perpetually adjust how we treat it. Their objective is to beautify the epidermis, and provide immediate and lasting results.


Biologique Recherche treatments bring years of innovation and bespoke specialised techniques together. This gives a results-driven, luxury experience that is personalised to every unique Skin Instant®. The foundation of their reputation and methodology is built upon the combination of pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, an aesthetic and clinical approach as well as rigorous and unique protocols.

Each treatment starts with the Assessment Stage to personalise the following stages according to the Skin Instant® requirements of each individual. Then, the Initialisation Stage will prepare the epidermis for the Treatment Stage.

Vita of Dolce Vita Skin has been highly trained to be recognised by the Biologique Recherche skin institutes. She has been trained to understand and treat the skin in order to enhance its beauty and achieve significant results. The clinical treatment programs comprise of several stages during which you are pampered and in her expert hands.