Facial Remodelling

State-of-the-art bio-electrotherapy machine, our Biologique Recherche Microcurrent Facial yields optimal results for those concerned with maturing skin or for those with a desire to improve and enhance their dynamic facial architecture.

Treatment time

90 minutes

Starting from


Best suited to

All skin types

How it Works

A synergistic combination of four microcurrents (galvanic, low to medium, electroporation and athermic) ensures a boost in dermal product absorption while simultaneously contouring and toning both the superficial and deep skin tissue of the face, décolléte and neck.

Results are immediate and lasting following the treatment, leaving the skin lifted, toned, plumped and hydrated. Depending on the unique needs of your complexion, a variety of custom formulas from the Biologique Recherche range will be incorporated throughout the treatment to ensure your skin is receiving the correct ingredients for your individual concerns.

Perfect For

All skin types

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