Fat Dissolving Injections

For many people, there are stubborn areas of fat that refuses to shift, despite diet and exercise. These include the under chin area (double chin), the jowls, the lower abdomen (love handles), thighs, and the buttocks.

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These persistent areas of fat are common among all kinds of people, even those that are fit and at their ideal weight. The appearance of the double chin is not simply due to body weight but can develop as a result of ageing or from genetic factors. This makes it difficult to fix with just diet and exercise.

Dolce Vita Skin offers a non-surgical option in the form of fat-dissolving injections to reduce double chins and reduce the jowls.

The fat dissolving agent is given through a series of quick, comfortable injections. In just a few months, you can appreciate the difference this product makes as your double chin or jowl begins to diminish and you notice a more defined, sleeker neck and jawline.

Note that all patients must have a medical consultation first to determine your suitability for the treatment.

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