The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml

Size 500ml

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The popular Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty formula is now supercharged - for that extra glow from the inside out!

To give you a daily shot of extra nutritional support, The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty is a delicious organic, bio-fermented probiotic concentrate designed to increase the skin’s production of collagen and promote a radiant, naturally plumped complexion from the inside out.

Combining a blend of biofermented papaya and grapeseed extracts, with added pomegranate peel extract, gotu kola, organic goji, acai and maqui berries, plus more vitamin C to support collagen production and zinc to support skin structure. Boosting natural collagen formation from the inside, the potent formula is also rich in antioxidants to help combat cellular damage and support healthy skin, hair and nail growth.

Utilising the Beauty Chef’s exclusive new five-stage Flora Culture™ Plus fermentation process - whereby a variety of natural probiotic strains are used to ferment the carefully selected blend of ingredients to create a supercharged, bioactive concentrate - The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is a powerful preparation that contains more than six-billion naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics per 15ml serve, to balance the digestive tract and boost skin vitality.

Suitable for anyone concerned about skin texture, firmness and fine lines.

Key Benefits of The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty:

  • Naturally Fermented
  • Berry flavoured
  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity and fights free radicals
  • Supports healthy skin, hair and nail growth
  • Supports digestive health; 6 billion probiotics per serve
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives 
  • Diary, sugar and gluten free
  • 33 x 15ml serves per bottle


What do the probiotics in The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty do?



Probiotics hold the key to our overall digestive health. They are considered to be the “good” bacteria that work to defend against pathogens linked to bloating, inflammation, and stomach cramps. In addition to improving the gut flora keeping the digestive system in check, this harmonious state of balance in the stomach biome makes for better skin health. When our bodies experience inflammation, it is reflected in our skin with redness, acne breakouts, and a loss of healthy radiance. Probiotics improve our skin with less redness, improved clarity, texture and tone. Skin looks younger, healthier, and more vibrant over time.

What is The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty formulated WITHOUT?

Many skin supplements contain artificial colours, flavours, and even fragrance. Additionally, they often contain biotin, which can aggravate acne flare ups. Another common supplement ingredient used in beauty products that The Beauty Chef does not use is gelatin, which is derived from animals. This is a vegan product and is free of artificial preservatives.


Caution: All of The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Products are totally natural, highly nutritious, food-based supplements. 

However, because there hasn’t been any studies that specifically show them to be safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding, we are not at this stage able to recommend their use during these times. We advise that you seek the advice of your health care practitioner before taking.