Buddha Wood Hand Balm 500ml

Size 500ml

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Sandalwood & Orange
Smoky & Meditative.

A hydrating clean-formulated hand balm in our most popular scent - Buddha Wood. We call this formula the balm of calm as it contains native Australian botanicals that work hard to keep you balanced. A formula rich in super nourishing Australian extracts with therapeutic properties and antioxidants. Massage gently into hands and cuticles until completely absorbed. Botanicals of Note: Buddha Wood Oil - a distinctive woody aromatic scent capturing a unique and earthy essence of the Australian outback. Does wonders due to its calming, grounding effect. Sandalwood Oil - improves mental alertness, reduces stress and nervous tension. Sweet Orange Oil - Well known for its uplifting properties.

For moisture: Sweet Almond Oil - High in nutrients, it quickly lubricates and absorbs into the skin preserving its moisture balance. Aloe Vera and Glycerine - binds and retains moisture to ensure proper hydration and prevent dryness. Cetearyl Alcohol - Derived from coconut natural oils and fats imparts emollient properties locking in moisture, leaving skin soft and supple.