Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

Size Standard Size
Color Charcoal

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The easiest (and comfiest) beauty hack yet, this silky pillowcase smoothly cushions hair and skin as you sleep. Shown to absorb less skincare and create significantly less friction than traditional pillowcases, Slip’s smooth silk case grants the perfect night’s sleep—without hindering your beauty regime. This envelope-style pillowcase is suitable for a queen-size pillow.


Slipsilk™: meticulously crafted from the highest quality mulberry silk of strictly specified fibre grades, this unique silk blend provides the perfect balance of shine, softness and durability.


Toxic dye.


To lengthen the life and efficacy of your Slip Pillowcase, we recommend gently washing by hand or wash using a delicates bag under 30 degrees Celsius. Always wash the items with a pH neutral liquid detergent. Do not tumble dry or bleach.