Vita-Sol Omega Plus for Skin

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Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants to support skin integrity, elasticity and hydration.

Ultra Omega Plus For Skin is a daily support for skin integrity, elasticity and hydration with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Every capsule contains a blend of concentrated omega 3 EPA/DHA fish triglycerides, Plant omegas, polyphenols, carotenoids and antioxidants from sea buckthorn and astaxanthin.

Ultra Omega Plus For Skin contains the highest quality fish oil sustainably sourced from Norwegian wild caught sardines and anchovies. We use molecular distillation to ensure a gentle yet effective purification process to ensure the highest quality fish oil free from contaminants. Our fish oil is independently third party certified by FOS and IFFO for sustainability and quality.

The Benefits of Ultra Omega Plus For Skin

- Antioxidants to help reduce free radical formation in the body
- Maintains and supports general health and wellbeing
- Soothe and relieve skin inflammation
- Maintains and supports skin hydration and elasticity
- Supports skin integrity and structure